#1 visit Savannah GA + #63 complete 101 in 1001 list

#1: I decided on our road trip to Savannah, GA to write my 101 in 1001 list, so naturally #1 had to be visit Savannah, GA. It really is something that I have alway wanted to do and I will most certainly do again! It is such a beautiful city…great food, history and wonderful southern charm! The tour guide told us the color on this old building, know as Haint Blue could be found throughout Savannah (and the South). The slaves would use this color to keep out evil spirits known as Haints, they believed that if you painted shutters, doors, porches…etc. the Haints could not enter…unbeknownst to the home owners who simply loved the color. But, our very wise (and funny) tour guide told us the real reason it’s called Haint Blue is because it hain’t green and it hain’t blue (teehee).

So, on to #63: I was positive that creating this list would be easy, quick and keep me entertained for at least a portion of our 7hr drive, little did I know it would take me the whole 7hr (well…with a little chatting and staring out the widow included). As I wrote #63 on my paper I realized had nothing else I wanted to do (or so I thought).  I am proud to say that I pressed on and finished my list! So, in essence #1 and #63 on my list were kind of freebee’s. But again, who doesn’t like to scratch things off of a to-do-list!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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